Next Meeting:


April 29, 2015

Guest Speaker: Michael Richardson. Mike is a trip guide who has visited Antartica and The Artic and will be presenting some of his amazing images from the top and bottom of the Earth.


Next Outing

May 2, 2015

Details to follow. We will be looking for good areas to photograph wildflowers and other early spring natural subjects.




Introducing the Photo-Nat Camera Club Google Plus Member's Community.

The community is designed to benefit the members of our club.
The primary purpose of the community is a discussion group where our members can:
- Share ideas and start discussions related to photography, nature  or our club,
- Ask questions to be answered by the fellow members of the community, 
- Share experiences to other members,
- Provide photo tips, 
- Share images to the group,
- Post images for the purpose of generating comments or critiques.

If you would like to join click =>

Please note: You will need a Google Account to join Google Plus